Ubuntu upgrade 18.04 LTS -> 20.04.1 LTS does not update pre-installed ID-software

When upgrading the Ubuntu operating system, is possibility that the ID-software does not be updated. This is because Ubuntu updates do not update third party software.

The following solutions will help if the above situation arises.

Solution 1

Step 1: Launch “Software and Updates”

Open the applications menu in the bottom left corner and search for "Software and updates". Open it.

Step 2: “Other software” and list

After opening the application, select the "Other software" tab and search for "https://installer.id.ee/media/ubuntu/".

Step 3: Check the box

If a corresponding entry is found, the selection must be activated, make a tick there.

NB! If the application asks for the list update after activating the option, be sure to enable it.

Step 4: Update the software

Open the DigiDoc4 Client application and click on "Settings" at the top right. In the next window, click "Check for Updates" and see if you are offered the latest version of the software.

Solution 2

Download the ID-card software installation script https://installer.id.ee/media/install-scripts/install-open-eid.sh and run it on the terminal.

Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

Solution 3

Open the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ria-repository.list and remove the comments. After making the changes, run a regular update, such as sudo apt update && sudo apt –autoremove upgrade.