Changing PIN codes of an ID-card in RIA DigiDoc application

Have you forgotten your PIN codes or accidentally blocked them? RIA DigiDoc app, also known as the mobile app, allows you to change the PIN codes of your ID-card by connecting your ID-card to your mobile phone.

  • RIA DigiDoc application: Changing and unblocking ID-card PINs

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    Step 1: open the RIA DigiDoc application on your phone

    Insert your ID-card in to the card reader and select ‘My eID’. Wait until your data has been retrieved by the RIA DigiDoc app and open ‘PIN/PUK CODES AND CERTIFICATES’.


    Step 2: select the PIN you are about to change

    Select the PIN you want to change. If PIN1 and PIN2 codes are locked or you have forgotten them, you must change both of them separately.

    Step 3: select the PIN code changing or unblocking option

    If you remember your current PIN, click on ‘Change PIN1’ or ‘Change PIN2’. If your PIN codes have been blocked and you wish to create new ones using your PUK code, click on the ‘Forgot PIN1?’ or ‘Forgot PIN2?’ link below the button.


    Step 4: create new PINs

    If you remember your current PINs, you can change them using the ‘Change PIN’ button’; you need to enter both the current PIN and the new PIN. Once you have entered the new PIN, click on the ‘Change’ button.

    If you do not remember your current PINs or if they are blocked, you need to enter your valid PUK code and then your new PIN. Once you have entered the new PIN, click on the ‘Unblock’ button.

    Follow the instructions on the phone screen and everything will go smoothly.

    NB! Upon selecting PIN codes, remember that:

    • They must not include your personal identification code or parts thereof, they must only consist of numbers and differ from previous PINs.
    • PIN1 must consist of 4-12 numbers.
    • PIN2 must consist of 5-12 numbers.
    • Choose PINs that are easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess.