ID-card documentation

Here you will find all standards and technical documents related to ID-cards, which are above all designed for software developers.

NB!  In order to support ID-cards of different generations in your system, you must simultaneously follow two specifications:

Standards of ID-cards issued earlier (already expired):

  • EstEID specification  (.pdf, ver 1.20 (27 March 2014), in English) that addresses Estonian ID-cards with chip application version 3.5, which were issued from October 2014.
  • EstEID specification(.pdf, ver 1.1 (12 September 2013), in English) that addresses all ID-cards issued in Estonia (up to chip application version 3.5).
    • EstEID specification contains misleading information on page 37. On the page it says that the maximum Le value is FE (254), but the actual value is FF (255). This is also mentioned on page 137 of the document.