Informing user of unsuccessful signing

Upon electronic use of an ID-card, setup related errors may occur with the browser. In order to solve the problem more quickly, we recommend displaying as precisely a formulated error message as possible to the user.

The most common reason for unsuccessful signing is the browser add-on (plugin) being disabled, i.e. browser settings. Therefore, it is recommended to add signing module status control to e-services and display a warning to the user even before they start the cycle requiring signing.

In order to avoid situations where the user cannot give digital signatures in an e-service due to incorrect setup of the browser, it is recommended to create an option for automatic control of the plugin:

  • timely notification improves user experience and enables them to seek help from the right source
  • informing the user of the problem before signing activities reduces pressure on customer service

There is script for checking the signing plugin in GitHub:

Error message example:

Signing was unsuccessful. 
Check if the signing plugin is enabled. 
Instructions are available here.