Personal identification with ID-card, mobile-ID and Smart-ID

Electronic identification has several advantages over regular solutions that use usernames and passwords.

  • User data are correct and truthful: the information comes from user data file and is not entered manually by the user. Therefore, there is no risk of the user accidentally or deliberately presenting false data.
  • There is no need to register beforehand: the existing client base and new clients can authenticate themselves without having to create a user account.
  • Trustworthiness: nowadays, adding ID-card, mobile-ID and Smart-ID support to e-services is a sign of the service provider’s trustworthiness and functions as a quality marking for standard users.

There are various ways to implement ID-card, mobile-ID and Smart-ID identification in your own e-service. In order to find the most suitable solution for you, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the options below.

Government sector institutions can join the State SSO service (GovSSO) or State authentication service (TARA) in their own e-service for personal identification with an ID-card, mobile-ID, Smart-ID and European Union eID.

To implement digital signing with an ID-card in your e-service:

To implement digital signing with a mobile-ID in your own e-service:

To implement digital signing with Smart-ID in your e-service:

Other personal identification and digital signature solutions offered by the private sector:

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