RIA stops supporting the creation of the BDOC-TM digital signature format in the software it develops


Support for creating digital signatures in the BDOC-TM format will be discontinued in the libdigidocpp and DigiDoc4j libraries in the new versions to be announced this June.

The change concerns service providers who use the libdigidocpp or digidoc4j library in their services and still create digital signatures in the BDOC-TM format.

The Information System Authority recommends updating the mentioned software libraries, and those who have not yet done so, switch to using the AdES LT digital signature format. DigiDoc4 Client, an application aimed at RIA end users, has been using the AdES LT signature format for signing since 2018, which is a secure, long-term storage of documents, internationally recognized digital signature solution that is well compatible around the world.

Support for creating digital signatures in the BDOC-TM format will be discontinued, as it is an Estonian-specific digital signature format, the use of which is no longer recommended. From November 1, 2023, the paid validity confirmation service (OCSP service) provided by SK ID Solutions AS will not support the creation of a digital signature in the BDOC-TM format. More detailed information about the change in the OCSP service can be found here.

Digital signatures in BDOC-TM format previously created for the change can still be validated, both in the libdigidocpp and digidoc4j libraries and in the DigiDoc4 Client.