Smart-ID can now be used for digital signatures in the RIA DigiDoc application


Documents can now be signed with Smart-ID in the new version of the Information System Authority’s (RIA) mobile application for giving digital signatures.

‘Until now, documents could only be signed in RIA DigiDoc application with Mobile-ID or ID-card. Smart-ID could only be used for signing with the DigiDoc4 Client software. Now, in the newest version of RIA DigiDoc mobile application (ver. 2.4.0), signatures can also be given with Smart-ID. It is a reasonable step that people have looked forward to because the Smart-ID service is very widely used in Estonia,’ said Mark Erlich, Head of the Electronic Identity Department of RIA.

‘The option to sign documents with Smart-ID in RIA DigiDoc app is, of course, great news for the hundreds of thousands of people who use Smart-ID, but in a wider perspective, it is a good example of cooperation between the state and the private sector, and the opportunities that are the result of this cooperation. I believe that the best ideas that benefit our citizens can only be generated through this kind of cooperation,’ said Liisa Lukin, a board member of SK ID Solutions.

Detailed information on how to give signatures with Smart-ID is available on the web site or

If you want to sign up for the Smart-ID service or have questions about using the service, contact the Smart-ID user support.

RIA DigiDoc mobile application is available for all regular users to give a reasonable amount of signatures with Smart-ID free of charge, but business clients must conclude a contract with SK ID Solutions, the service provider, to use Smart-ID in the mobile application. Business clients can find additional information at

Under the default settings, Smart-ID can only be used to give signatures by persons with an Estonian personal identification code. Users who conclude a contract can give signatures with Latvian and Lithuanian personal identification codes as well.

Additionally, the new version of the mobile application transferred to Mobile-ID REST API, because SK ID Solutions will terminate the provision of the DigiDocService web services as of 1 October. This means that the users who wish to keep using Mobile-ID to give signatures in RIA DigiDoc mobile application must renew the application before October.

The Smart-ID support for RIA DigiDoc application was developed by SK ID Solutions, affirming the great benefit of freeware development models. Information about all changes in RIA DigiDoc application is available at the website The newest version is available for downloading from the App Store or Google Play.