Digital signing in RIA DigiDoc mobile application

Digitally signing documents with the RIA DigiDoc mobile app is very easy. The signing process works the same for both mobile-ID and ID-card users – follow the instructions on screen and everything will go smoothly.

Step 1: Open application

Open the RIA DigiDoc application on your smart device and from there the “Signature” menu at the bottom of the screen.

NB! As an ID-card user, make sure your ID-card is connected to the card reader, the card reader is connected to the smart device and your data is visible on the screen.

In order to use your ID-card in the RIA DigiDoc application, you need card reader that is compatible with your smart device.

Step 2: Select files to sign

A sign view will open where you can choose which documents you are signing. To add files, click the “CHOOSE FILE” button. 

If necessary, you can click the “+ ADD MORE FILES” button to add them to the envelope. All the files you've added will be signed at once, and you can forward them to the others later as a single signed envelope. Add as many files as you want to sign.

You will then be redirected to the "Envelope Validation" option in the main view of RIA DigiDoc if you want to sign the document again, open an existing container, or if another person wants to add his signature to the container with the given existing signature or signatures. Otherwise, you will be directed to sign immediately.

Step 3: Sign

If you are redirected to the "Container Validation" option in the RIA DigiDoc main view, under "Container files" you will see all the documents that belong to this signature envelope.

Under “Container signatures”, you can see the names of all the signers – if you initiate the signing, only your name is listed. If you wanted to sign a document envelope previously signed by others, you can see the information of other signatories.

Make sure everything is correct and then click the “SIGN” button.

A small window appears on screen where you can choose which digital signatures you want to use: a mobile-ID, Smart-ID or an ID-card.

Signing with mobile-ID:

When you sign with a mobile-ID in the RIA DigiDoc app, you will be asked for your phone number and personal identification number.

Signing with Smart-ID:

When you sign with a Smart-ID in the RIA DigiDoc app, make sure you have selected the correct country and enter your personal identification number. Then click on the "SIGN" button. The verification code will then appear in the mobile app. Next, you need to select the correct verification code in the Smart-ID application and enter the Smart-ID PIN2 code.

Signing with ID-card:

When signing with an ID-card in the RIA DigiDoc app, your information will be shown on screen and you will be asked to enter the PIN2 code for the ID-card.

If your ID-card is not properly connected or the application is unable to read your card data correctly, you will see an error message on the screen. Try re-inserting the ID-card into the reader and connecting the reader to your smart device.

Step 4: Save the signed document envelope

NB! To save a signed document envelope, you must share it.

Click the “SHARE” button and choose where you want to transfer the newly created envelope with digital signatures.

Step 5: Ready

It was that simple! After you've signed and shared the document envelope, you are ready.

With the RIA DigiDoc application, you can also open digitally signed documents or encrypt them to send them safely.