State Portal

State Portal has become one of the symbols of the success of Estonia’s digital story: nowhere else in the world do citizens have the opportunity to manage as many of their public services and state-related data as in Estonia.

All information about you has been divided into convenient and logical topics the in web environment. This way, you can access the information quickly and conveniently. For example, you can see your valid digital prescriptions in the “Health” section, check your exam results in the “Education” section, the “Identification documents” section lets you save your valid document photo and signature sample to your computer, the “Place of Life” menu allows you to change your registered place of residence as well as check in and out possible sub-tenants, etc.

Information on the most current topics is visible on the front page – for example, during the election period, there is information on the voter card and when documents expire, you will be informed, etc.

You can log in to the environment via mobile-ID, ID-card, digital-ID and Smart-ID: choose the device you’re most comfortable with at the moment.

What can be done in the web environment?

Do not be afraid to look around. The information about you is yours and you have the right to check it at any time. You can submit messages and queries, follow-up queries and edit settings of various services. If you want, you can look at your data regarding place of residence or your family’s connections from the Civil Registry, get an overview of your recent years’ sick leaves, check valid prescriptions, check the information from the Land Board, etc. There is much information – take the time to dig into it! From the “Data Tracker” section, you can see information regarding queries about you.

Redirecting e-mail address. Did you know that every Estonian has their own national e-mail address to which all the most important announcements are sent? If you want all emails sent to to reach an e-mail address that you use on a daily basis, you can set your preferred contact address in “Set Up Notifications”.

Check the inbox. In the environment is your official inbox where you receive the most important information about you: there, you can also see all e-mails sent to your address.