Trust services: authentication services

The Information System Authority (RIA) provides a central authentication service to the public sector and providers of public services, which allows the owners of e-services to authenticate national and transnational users with various means of identification.

Authentication service, Estonian authentication service, TaRa.

The Estonian authentication service is a trust service provided centrally by the Information System Authority, whose software (TaRa) is interfaced with the authentication methods offered by third parties and mediates the authentication queries required for authentication.

The service is primarily aimed at organisations that want to offer diverse authentication methods to their users and guarantee cross-border user support. Supported national authentication methods include ID-card, mobile-ID, Smart-ID and the most common bank links; TARA offers transnational authentication via the eIDAS-Node infrastructure with the notified eID tools of the European Union.

Every e-service provider that has joined can select the authentication methods they use according to their needs – it is also possible to combine all of the tools.

Further information on the national authentication service:

The information required to join TaRa can be found on the RIA website under the authentication services of RIA. It has application forms for those who want to start using the service, terms and conditions, information on test environments and an effective price list.

The technical materials for persons who want to start using the service can be found in the eGov GitHub under TaRa documentation.

Estonian authentication service

The user of an Estonian ID-card or mobile-ID who wants to use foreign e-services subject to authentication are authenticated via the Estonian authentication service.

This is a utility connected by the RIA to the eIDAS node (identity provider), which authenticates Estonian ID-card or mID users referred for authentication from a foreign country. The service can be used if both countries have established a connection with the eIDAS authentication infrastructure.

Further information on the Estonian authentication service:

A detailed technical description of the Estonian authentication service can be found in GitHub.

General information on the service can be found on the RIA website under authentication services in the Partner section.