Web eID development version (1.0.0-RC2)


We would like to notify you that we have disclosed a new Web eID development version (1.0.0-RC2) and are welcoming pilot users. We have also changed the schedule of disclosing Web eID.

We plan to add the Web eID components into the ID software installation package to be disclosed in the Autumn of 2021. More information about the updated schedule can be found here (https://www.id.ee/artikkel/web-eid/#ajakava).

What is Web eID?

The RIA is gradually replacing the current online ID-card authentication and signature solution with a new Web eID solution. The Web eID solution enables the use of Estonian digital documents (ID-card, digital ID, e-resident’s digital ID, residence permit card, etc.) for secure authentication and signing on the web.

In order to take Web eID into use, additional changes must also be made to online services. The e-service library and samples for the Java platform are currently available. Development of the .NET platform is currently ongoing. Support for additional platforms is planned.

The transition to Web eID in online services requires that users have the Web eID extension and application installed. We plan to add the Web eID components into the ID software installation package to be disclosed in autumn.

Web eID version 1.0.0-RC2 was disclosed on 11 June 2021 and can be found here, along with the information materials: https://www.id.ee/artikkel/web-eid/

The main changes of the Web eID version 1.0.0-RC2:

  • Amending information upon changing the card
  • Updates to the PinPad readers
  • Stage II of the new design
  • Additional improvements/fixes

For further information about Web eID, please click on the following links:

What changes are taking place and why: https://www.id.ee/artikkel/web-eid/#miks-ja-mis

What should an online service provider do to enable the use of Web eID: https://www.id.ee/artikkel/web-eid/#mida-pean-tegema

Schedule: https://www.id.ee/artikkel/web-eid/#ajakava

Testing instructions: https://www.id.ee/artikkel/web-eid/#testimine

All partners are welcome to test the new solution! Please address your feedback or questions to: [email protected].

More information about the Web eID solution is available here (https://www.id.ee/artikkel/web-eid/)