You wish for a new ID-card

Please note that starting from 01.01.2022, it will no longer be possible to apply for new PIN codes for documents that were issued prior to 30.11.2018.

The ID-card is a mandatory identity document for all Estonian citizens. You can request one from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

Together with the ID card the applicant is issued a code envelope with the security codes of the ID card (PIN and PUK codes). Security codes can be used as an ID card and the electronic certificates printed on it are valid. Security codes do not need to be activated separately and there is no time limit for the first use of the codes.

If you have any questions when applying for an ID card and PIN envelopes, contact the customer support of the Police and Border Guard Board at +372 612 3000 (working days 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

If you have lost your PIN code and PUK code, you can request a new code envelope without replacing the ID-card.

Do you need a new or your first ID-card?

You can only request an ID card through the Police and Border Guard Board – to avoid waiting in a queue, we recommend booking an appointment the service and making sure you have all the necessary documents to hand.

  • Applying: applying for ID-cards and other digital documents

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    Digital documents (incl. ID-cards, digital IDs, residence permit cards and e-resident’s digital IDs) are issued by the Police and Border Guard Board. Applications can be submitted at both service points and self-service points.

    E-resident’s digital IDs can also be conveniently applied for via the e-residency website.

    All digital identity documents are subject to state fees, i.e. issue fees.

    If you are abroad, you can also apply for documents and collect them at foreign missions of the Republic of Estonia. Keep in mind that document applications are only accepted by Estonian embassies while documents ordered can also be collected from Estonian honourary consulates.

  • ID-card: when will my new ID-card be ready?

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    You can check the status of your application for an Estonian passport and ID-card on the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) document application status website: fill in the form (first name, surname and personal identification code) and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

  • What is necessary for using the ID-card electronically?

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    In order to use the ID-card electronically on your computer or smart device, you need:

    1. A valid ID-card

    Check that the ID-card itself has not expired. You will find the expiry date on the ID-card.

    2. Valid certificates

    Certificates are electronic evidence that connects you (i.e. your ID-card) and the activities performed with your ID-card.  
    Don’t worry if you don’t know the validity of your certificates: assume that everything is in order when you start installing the software.
    If you are an electronic user of the ID-card, you can check your certificates via DigiDoc4. DigiDoc4 will let you know if the certificate has been suspended or has expired.

    Read more if necessary:
    What are ID-card Certificates

    3. PINs

    The PIN and PUK codes were issued to you in a sealed envelope with your ID-card. If you have forgotten your PIN1 or PIN2, but still have your PUK, you can use it to change your PINs yourself. If there is no PUK either, you must request new PINs from the Police and Border Guard Board or a foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia.

    Read more if necessary:
    What are PINs and how can they be changed?

    4. Internet connection

    The computer on which you want to install the ID-card must have a working Internet connection. If you’re reading this guideline on another smart device, check that your computer is connected to the Internet!

    5. ID-card reader

    You can buy an ID-card reader from almost every computer shop and it is also available in many shopping centres, petrol stations, etc. Just ask!

    Read more if necessary:
    How to check that the ID-card reader is working?