You wish to become a Smart-ID user

The free Smart-ID app enables you to log in to e-services, confirm transactions and bank transfers and sign documents: its possibilities are almost as vast a those of ID-cards, digital IDs or mobile-IDs.

  • Who needs Smart-ID?

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    Smart-ID is a simple and convenient solution that enables you to log in to e-services, make bank transfers, confirm transactions and give digital signatures, etc.

    The advantages of Smart-ID are its ease of use and the opportunity to create an account on any number of smart devices – the solution is independent of the SIM card.

    Smart-ID is an ideal solution for those who:

    • wish to have another convenient option for electronic identification in addition to the ID-card;
    • need Smart-ID mostly for using e-services: entering the Internet bank and larger e-services and confirming transactions/activities there;
    • don’t need the option of signing and/or encrypting digital documents daily;
    • wish to get urgent things done on their smart phone;
    • want use across devices;
    • travel often and do not wish to or cannot always use an ID-card for accessing e-services.

Joining Smart-ID is easy:

Detailed instructions can be found on the Smart-ID website, where necessary.

1. Download and install the Smart-ID app

You can download the Smart-ID app free of charge from the App Store and Google Play. Install it on your phone.

2. Sign up for a Smart-ID account.

The app alone is not sufficient: you also need to create an account in order to use a Smart-ID. The necessary instructions are displayed on screen, but make sure you have your ID-card or mobile-ID at hand before you start the registration process because you are going to need them.

3. Authorise your account

In order to personalise your account, you either need your ID-card or mobile-ID. You can personalise your account from any device. For instance, you can authorise your smartphone Smart-ID account on the computer. Step-by-step instructions are displayed on your phone screen.

4. That’s it!

Once you have registered an account, you can immediately start using your Smart-ID. You can use your Smart-ID to log in to most large e-environments (for example, banks, larger e-services, etc.) that support ID-cards and mobile-IDs. Unfortunately, Smart-IDs are not currently as common in Estonia as ID-cards and mobile-IDs.

A detailed list of e-services that support Smart-ID.