You wish to obtain a digital ID card

A digital identity card, i.e. digital ID, is a digital document that can be used to identify yourself and sign digitally in an electronic environment, just like an ID-card.

We highly recommend that everyday users of ID-cards also apply for a digital ID. This way you can store your ID-card in a safe place and avoid the risk of damaging the card or its chip during constant use and carrying.

Digital ID cards are available to Estonian citizens or foreigners with a valid residence permit or an ID-card (or who are applying for a residence permit and wish to obtain a digital ID in the process).

NB! A digital ID card can be used as a replacement for an ID-card only in the electronic environment and cannot be used as a travel document or a physical identity document.

  • Applying: applying for ID-cards and other digital documents

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    Digital documents (incl. ID-cards, digital IDs, residence permit cards and e-resident’s digital IDs) are issued by the Police and Border Guard Board. Applications can be submitted at both service points and self-service points.

    From January 2023. it is possible to get new ID cards not only from the Police and Border Guard Board, but also from shops. Detailed information on the website of the Police and Border Guard Board.

    E-resident’s digital IDs can also be conveniently applied for via the e-residency website.

    All digital identity documents are subject to state fees, i.e. issue fees.

    If you are abroad, you can also apply for documents and collect them at foreign missions of the Republic of Estonia. Keep in mind that document applications are only accepted by Estonian embassies while documents ordered can also be collected from Estonian honourary consulates.

  • ID-card: when will my new ID-card be ready?

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    You can check the status of your application for an Estonian passport and ID-card on the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) document application status website: fill in the form (first name, surname and personal identification code) and click on the ‘Submit’ button.