You wish to start using mobile-ID

Are you interested in using a mobile-ID? Excellent, you are in the right place!

Mobile-ID is a modern, convenient, safe and nationally recognised digital identity card that lets you use an online bank quickly and easily, participate in e-elections, manage services and so on. Unlike an ID-card, a mobile-ID does not require a card reader or a computer with special software: mobile phones and an appropriate call card/phone contract are enough.

Mobile-ID can also be used by people who feel insecure about using a computer. All the necessary instructions appear on the screen of your phone in the form of a simple text – all you need to do is remember your PIN codes!

  • Mobile-ID: what is mID or mobile-ID?

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    Mobile-ID is a digital identity card for use in electronic channels. You can access e-services, use an online bank, provide digital signatures, approve and execute transactions and so on.

    The mobile-ID solution is based on a SIM card and is located in your mobile phone, thus it is always with you and can be used conveniently. What is most important, mobile-ID works across devices, so you can use mobile-ID for accessing e-services in your preferred device.

    You need PIN codes for using mobile-ID, just like with and ID card:

    • PIN1 is meant for identification, i.e. necessary for accessing services.
    • PIN2 is meant for signing, i.e. necessary for confirming activities and providing a digital signature.

    Keep in mind that mobile-ID is not suitable for use as an identity document, e.g. when travelling, and that mobile-IDs are issued by mobile operators.

  • Mobile-ID: Application of mID

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    Mobile-ID SIM cards are issued by mobile operators TeliaElisa and Tele2 at their service points. Each operator has their own rules about issuing mobile-IDs, such as age limits, service fees, user terms and conditions, etc.

    However, all mobile operators must follow the same national requirements, so mobile-ID is a safe solution and works the same way irrespective of which operator you are using.

    The service is currently offered only by Estonian mobile operators. Mobile-ID works anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection and the local operator offers the possibility of sending and receiving SMS.

    For more information and to enter into a mobile-ID contract, contact your mobile operator.

    In order to use mobile-ID, a special SIM card with mobile-ID support will be issued to you after entering into the contract. Upon activating the new SIM card, the old card will stop working – we recommend saving the data on the old SIM card before replacing the SIM card or ask the mobile operator at the service point to copy the data from the old SIM card to the new SIM card.

    Important to know:

    Joining mobile-ID does not mean that you have to change your mobile number: the new SIM card will continue working with your old phone number.

    Joining mobile-ID does not invalidate other mobile network services ordered by you. If necessary, talk about changing services with your mobile operator.

    NB! If your mobile number changes ownership (you change the contract and make another family member its owner or wish to add a private person’s number to your company package), mobile-ID will lose its validity.

    Mobile-ID service is supported by almost all devices (including older phones), but there are differences. More information about the phone model and how Mobile-ID works is available from the operators (Telia, Elisa, Tele2).

  • Mobile-ID: how to activate mID?

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    Mobile ID activation takes place in the operators' self-service (TeliaElisaTele2).

  • Mobile-ID: mID is safe

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    Mobile-ID is a nationally recognised digital identity card for use in electronic channels.

    In the case of mobile-ID, the document issuer (i.e. your mobile operator) follows the same requirements when verifying your identity as issuing an ID-card. This means that no one else can enter into a mobile-ID contract or accept a mobile-ID SIM card on your behalf – this requires you and your valid identity document. Read more about the Identity Documents Act.

    Mobile-ID is in conformity with the Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions Act.

    Use of Mobile-ID certificates is protected with PIN codes: unless your PIN codes along with your smart device fall into the wrong hands, your electronic identity is safe.

    Data exchange with your mobile phone and e-service takes place over an encrypted connection: your information is hidden from unauthorised persons even when using a public WiFi network.

    NB! If your smart device with a mobile-ID SIM card is missing or stolen, immediately notify your mobile operator, who can suspend the certificates of mobile-ID.