Encryption allows you to protect your computer files during the forwarding: encrypted files can only be opened by the designated recipient, who has your authorisation to access them. You can encrypt and decrypt documents with DigiDoc4 Client on your computer and RIA DigiDoc app on your smartphone.

  • Decrypting encrypted documents with RIA DigiDoc app

    To decrypt documents using RIA DigiDoc, you need to first save the encrypted files and then make sure that the ID-card is connected to the smart device. Step-by-step instructions for decryption.

  • Encryption and decryption of documents

    Dokumentide krüpteerimine aitab kaitsta failide sisu võõraste pilkude eest. Tegemist on ajutise lahendusega, mis on mõeldud failide turvaliseks edastamiseks, mitte aga pikaaegseks säilitamiseks.

  • Encrypting documents with RIA DigiDoc app

    Encrypting documents with the RIA DigiDoc app is simple: you don’t need an ID-card or a mobile-ID. You only need to know the personal identification numbers (or company registration numbers) of the people to whom you want to give permission to open encrypted files.