DigiDoc libraries – general information and overview

You are able to create applications that are compatible with DigiDoc with the help of DigiDoc libraries.

If you wish to implement digital signature functionality in web systems, we recommend using the DigiDocService web service. More information here.

Library Supported formats Support start End of new developments Support end Extended support
digidoc4j - new java library  BDOC-TS, BDOC-TM, DDOC*  12.2014 - - -
cdoc4j - new java library for encryption and decryption  CDOC 1.1 - AES-256-GCM, RSA ja ECC 01.2018 - - -

JDigiDoc - library for Java applications

NB! Not recommended for new developments

BDOC-TM, DDOC, CDOC 2003 06.2015 06.2016 negotiable
libdigidocpp - multiplatform C++ library BDOC-TS, BDOC-TM, DDOC* 12.2013 - - -
NDigiDoc - library for encryption and decryption in .NET applications CDOC 2012 03.2015 (v3.9) 03.2016 -

cdigidoc - multiplatform C-library

NB! Not supported

DDOC, CDOC 2002 12.2014 (v3.10) 12.2015 negotiable

COM library for use on Windows platform

NB! Not supported

DDOC 2002 08.2013 (v3.7.2) 08.2015 -

 * The signature format is supported via a base library.

  • Supported formats - life cycle of different container formats can be found here
  • End of new developments - change requests for new technical solutions or additional functionality are not accepted. Only critical bug fixes are made.
  • Support end - developments are stopped and new versions are not released, end of developer support.
  • Extended support - in agreement with SK ID Solutions AS, it's possible to request bug fixes.  


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