Digital stamping

Digital stamping means digital signing with an e-Stamp designed for legal persons. The service is offered by SK ID Solutions AS in Estonia.

As of the enforcement of the eIDAS regulation on 1 July 2016, SK has been entered in the trust list as a qualified e-Stamp certificate service provider.

An e-Stamp, which is used to certify digital documents, confirms that an electronically forwarded document or other information indeed comes from the institution that sent it. An e-Stamp confirms that the respective institution is linked to a specific digital document and the document has not been changed.

E-Stamps can be used with and without digital signatures. By using the e-Stamp certificate with a person’s digital signature, you can be certain that the document’s signatory is authorised to sign documents on behalf of the respective company.

SK issues e-Stamp certificates for both crypto-sticks and Hardware Security Modules (HSM) with the FIPS 140-2 or Common Criteria certificate. 

Find additional information on e-Stamps on the SK website: Digital stamp service.

Two methods of digital stamping:

Using a crypto-stick with DigiDoc4

Signing and encryption with a digital stamp/crypto-stick in DigiDoc4 is suitable for signing individual documents.

  • Digital stamp use instructions
  • suitable for cases that do not involve mass signing because the user must enter the crypto-stick’s PIN upon each instance of stamping.

Digital stamping with DigiDoc4j utility program (for mass signing)

Additional information on DigiDoc4 or DigiDoc4j can be obtained at [email protected].