ID-card as a client card

There are so many client cards and loyalty programmes this day and age that fitting all the cards in your wallet can be difficult. Using the ID-card as the client card is therefore a convenient alternative.

Clients have one card instead of several plastic cards

Most people carry their ID-cards with them almost all the time. Also, the people who don’t use the ID-card electronically would be happy to carry it in their wallets if having an ID-card would mean getting rid of a handful of other cards.

The ID-card is always to hand anyway and joining a new loyalty programme with the ID-card is faster and more convenient because you don’t have to fill in any forms.

Profitable solution for companies

Using the ID-card makes lives easier for customer service employees – for example, they no longer have to wait while clients look for the right magnetic stripe card.

The costs related to the production of ordinary client cards from their design to delivery also disappear and there will be no need to update and configure the specific card-based software.

The process of joining the loyalty programme also becomes easier. The necessary data generally exist on the ID-card and the transfer of the data to the company’s client database can be 100% automated. Even if companies want to collect additional marketing information in a shop, service point, information counter, etc., customer service staff have to spend a lot less time doing so – the collection and verification of personal data is no longer necessary.

If a company offers an online shop or self-service functionality on the web, it’s possible to tie ID-card support to these solutions as well: this way, collecting the opinions, consumption patterns, feedback, etc. of clients becomes even easier for everyone involved. The additional questionnaire for people who want to join the loyalty programme can also be made accessible online, so that the client or customer service employee doesn’t have to waste time at the service point in front of a waiting queue!