You cannot digitally sign with mobile-ID

In the event that there were fauilures when signing with the mobile ID, please read the error message: most of the time, you will get the information you need to resolve the situation.

Most problems with Mobile ID are temporary and resolve on their own. We always report major failures in our news section!

  • The most common problems when using mobile-ID

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    Expiry of the session:

    The time between the initiation of the request and the entry of the PIN code was too long.

    Incorrectly entered PIN2 code:

    It still happens! Be careful and try again. Be sure to remember that the PIN2 code will be locked if you enter it incorrectly three times in a row, and you need your mobile ID PUK code to unlock it.

    The phone is not turned on:

    Please make sure that your phone is turned on and has coverage. If everything seems fine, check that its services are not restricted due to unpaid bills, for example. If everything is still working, wait a few moments and try again: it's possible that the error was caused by temporary transmission problems.

    Forwarding activated:

    Mobile ID messages are SIM-based and are not forwarded to another mobile number like regular messages. To use Mobile ID, forwarding must be turned off/removed.

    Dual SIM device user:

    Make sure that no other SIM card is currently active. We recommend keeping the SIM card with the Mobile ID contract in slot number 1.

    The Mobile ID contract has ended (the Mobile ID contract is valid for 5 years):

    The validity period of issued Mobile ID certificates is 5 years. Certificates cannot be extended. To continue using the Mobile-ID service, a new SIM card must be ordered from the operator/carrier (Telia, Elisa, Tele2) and the Mobile-ID contract must be concluded again either in self-service or at a representative office.

    Loss of Internet Connection:

    If the internet connection is lost in the meantime, you will receive an error message that the service provider could not be contacted and a recommendation to check the internet connection.

    Active VPN connection:

    When connecting via VPN, try turning it off and reproducing the situation.

    Numeric error code:

    If you receive a numeric code with an error, we advise you to restart your phone and try again. If you are abroad or roaming, make sure that either your current operator (carrier) or an available operator in the area is selected as the cellular operator. If the error code reappears, we recommend that you contact your mobile operator.

  • Mobile-ID error message: “Creating SSL connection was unsuccessful” when signing

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    Did you want to sign documents with mobile-ID and an error message was displayed in the DigiDoc4 Client ‘Creating SSL connection was unsuccessful’?

    This is probably due to outdated ID-software and you can fix the problem easily with a quick software update.

    First, open the DigiDoc4 Client and the menu selection ‘Settings’.

    On the bottom right corner of the screen is a button ‘Check for updates’ – click on it.

    If your computer software is outdated, DigiDoc4 will notify you and then offer the option to update the software. Follow the instructions on screen and everything will go smoothly!

    After updating the software, try signing with mobile-ID again – if necessary, restart your computer beforehand.

    If the problem was not solved:

    If the problem was not solved, contact the ID-helpline. You should definitely attach the computer diagnostics file with the issue. Instructions for saving the diagnostics file are available on the contact form.

  • Mobile-ID error message: “User is not a mobile-ID client” in a DigiDoc4 Client

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    Sometimes it happens that upon signing documents with DigiDoc4 or performing other mobile-ID activities, an error message appears on the screen: User is not a mobile-ID client.

    Don't worry, usually it is not due to an expired mobile-ID or a contract terminated by the mobile operator. This error message is mostly caused by a simple typo: you have made a mistake when typing your phone number or, as it often happens, entered someone else’s phone number. Try again calmly!

    Entering a phone number in DigiDoc4

    Upon giving a digital signature make sure that you enter your phone number correctly.

    First, enter Estonia’s country code (372) and then your phone number without spaces, dasher or any other symbols. The entered phone number must look like this:  37250123456.

    Check that you haven’t made any typos when entering the number.

    Are you using mobile-ID for the first time?

    You have probably forgotten to activate your mobile-ID certificates on the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board website or there have been errors in the activation process. That’s okay, you can solve this situation by opening the mobile-ID application environment and following the instructions on screen while activating the certificates. NB! You need an ID-card to activate mobile-ID.