Mobile-ID certificates: general information

The mobile-ID certificates issued as of 1 January 2015 are valid for five years.

Mobile-ID certificates cannot be updated:

If certificates are expired, you must contact your mobile operator and replace your mobile-ID SIM card (and reactivate mobile-ID service).

Only one mobile-ID at a time:

One person can have only one certificate pair connected with one mobile-ID SIM card activated at a time. Upon entering into a new mobile-ID contract, the certificates connected with the previous SIM card will be declared invalid via the communication service provider and/or upon issuing a new SIM card.

  • Dependency of the identity document on the mobile ID contract

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    Before applying for a mobile-ID, the following must be kept in mind:

    • When concluding a mobile-ID contract, you may be required to present an identity document.
    • Even if your identity document expires, you can continue the service until the end of its validity if you already have a valid mobile-ID contract.
  • Confirming the validity of Mobile-ID certificates

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    Mobile-ID certificates are valid for 5 years and are issued together with a Mobile-ID SIM card. Mobile-ID certificates cannot be updated. If the certificates expire, you need a new Mobile-ID SIM card.

    The validity of Mobile-ID certificates can be confirmed on the State Portal

    1. Log in to the State Portal (
    2. In the ‘E-services’ section, select ‘Me and my family’.
    3. On the page that opens, select ‘My eID devices’ under the bottom headline ‘Personal identity documents and certificates of documents’ or click the ‘Submit query’ link next to this text.
    4. The validity periods of identity documents (incl. Mobile-ID) will open and a more detailed query about the certificates of each eID device can be submitted.
  • Certificates: suspending mobile-ID certificates

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    If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, call your mobile operator helpline as soon as possible and suspend the mobile-ID certificates or close the mobile-ID service.

    It is not possible to access e-services, give digital signatures or perform any other activities in the electronic environment with suspended certificates.

    A respective letter will be sent to your address, notifying you of the suspension of mobile-ID certificates.

    Continuing the use of mobile-ID after a status change of certificates

    If you had your mobile-ID certificates suspended at your own request (e.g. mobile phone was lost, but you found it again), it is possible to continue using the existing mobile-ID SIM card. To reactivate the certificates, you must visit your mobile operator’s service point with your identity document.

    If your phone remained missing and you ordered a new mobile-ID SIM card, you must cancel the old mobile-ID certificates before you can activate the new mobile-ID service.

  • Certificates: suspending ID-card certificates

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    If your ID-card, mobile-ID, etc. is lost or stolen, you should immediately suspend the certificates related thereto in order to be protected from identity theft.

    You can suspend the certificates of ID-cards and other digital documents via telephone:

    • by calling +372 677 3377.

    NB! You will be asked to provide your name and personal identification code.

    In order to reactivate suspended certificates you need to go to a Police and Border Guard Board service point: certificates cannot be reactivated by phone.

    If you are certain that your ID-card is indeed stolen, you should notify the police and have your ID-card and related certificates declared invalid.

    Did you know that in the case of theft you should also suspend the certificates related to your mobile smart device?

  • MyID portal

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    The MyID portal provides information on Mobile-ID, ID-card, Digi-ID, and Smart-ID accounts, certificates, and transactions issued by SK ID Solutions.

    More information related to the MyID portal and its usage is available on its Terms and Conditions and FAQ.

    Be aware that the MyID portal is currently in beta version, which means the information provided may be inaccurate and/ or incomplete. If you need the information from the MyID portal for official use, please turn to [email protected].

    Welcome to MyID portal.