Suspending ID-card certificates

You should suspend the certificates of your ID-card as soon as you notice that you have lost it or it has been stolen: this way, your electronic identity remains protected.
If you’re certain that your ID-card has been stolen and cannot be retrieved, you should cancel it.
Kui oled kindel, et ID-kaart on tõepoolest varastatud ja välja ei tule, tuleks kaart tühistada.

Trust services: What are they?

Trust service means an electronic service that helps various parties make binding decisions. The exact requirements and conditions of each trust service and the aspects of signing and stamping are determined by the eIDAS.

Certificates and their security

The certificates tied to your digital means of identification (such as the ID-card, digital ID, Mobile-ID, Smart-ID) represent you in the electronic world. Therefore, it’s important that your certificates are always protected.