On MacOS computers, separate web components must be installed to use the ID-card

To be able to use an ID-card on macOS computers in web browsers, for example, to enter an online bank or e-services and confirm activities, give digital signatures and so on, you need to install separate web components in addition to the ID-software. You can find the most recent versions of both software packages, which are right for your operating system, on the ID-software installation page – don't forget to press both download links and install both packages separately later.

NB! Installing web components is not required: you only need them if you want to use the ID-card in your browsers.

If you have DigiDoc4 but no web components, you will see this message when DigiDoc4 launches:

You can choose between three buttons in order to continue:

  • Not now” – the software will not be installed at the moment, but you will see the same message the next time you open DigiDoc4.
  • Never” – choose this option if you only use mobile-ID and are not planning on using your ID-card or digital ID-card on your computer. This error message will no longer be displayed upon launching DigiDoc4.
  • “Install” – this button takes you to the installation page of the ID-software to install the web components.