Saving e-signature confirmation page

Using DigiDoc4, the e-signature confirmation page can be saved and printed. The confirmation page displays data on the signed files and the signers.

Note: The confirmation page is an informational document that is suitable for keeping a historical log of actions/processes yet on its own, it lacks evidentiary value. The information on the confirmation page simply confirms that the file with the collection of information or hash does indeed exist. As to the information contained by the signed file, this can be verified only from the signed file itself – thus, the e-signature confirmation page cannot be used to prove a party’s declaration of intent.

By default, printing of the confirmation page in the DigiDoc4 Client is disabled. It is easy to activate this feature:

Step 1: open DigiDoc4 settings

Open DigiDoc4 Client and “Settings” in the top right corner. Select “Show print summary“.

Step 2: Printing out the confirmation page

When digitally signing the documents, follow the usual procedure: add the files to be signed to the signature “envelope” – the container – and add your digital signature, or open a document container previously signed in DigiDoc4. You will see a button marked “Print summary” along the bottom of the screen next to the signing option. Click that button.

Step 3: Printing out or saving the confirmation page

After clicking on the “Print summary” button, you will see a confirmation page print preview. To print out the page, click the “Print” button.

Windows: to save the confirmation page as a PDF, select printer “Microsoft Print to PDF“, and press "Print".

macOS: to save the confirmation page as a PDF, press “PDF“, and then “Save as PDF“.

Ubuntu: to save the confirmation page as a PDF, choose “Print to file (PDF)”.