The support period (lifecycle) of ID-software versions

ID-software is security software and it is therefore very important to always use only the latest version of the software. ID-software has an automatic update system – it is important that you install any updates or improvements that ID-software tells you about as soon as possible!

The end of the support period for the software version means that:

  • The ID user support no longer updates version-based information in the knowledge base.
  • The existence of the referred errors is no longer tested in this version.
  • Amendments to the technical solution will no longer be accepted.
  • Requests to modify/improve functionality will not be accepted.
  • Operating system and ID-software interaction issues are not resolved.

By using software with an expired support period, the user assumes all responsibility for problems caused by the use of outdated software.

The following table shows when the support period for different versions of the ID-software ends and when the use of the corresponding version is restricted.

NB! Critical security fixes are only made to the most recent version when security problems occur.

Version Start date of lifecycle End date of support period Date of issue of security revisions
21.06 13.07.21
21.02 25.02.21 13.07.21 13.07.21
20.12 28.01.21 25.02.21 25.02.21
20.10/20.09 08.10.20 28.01.21 28.01.21
20.05 08.06.20/19.06.20 08.10.20 08.10.20
20.02 06.04.20 19.06.20 19.06.20
20.01 30.01.20 06.04.20 06.04.20
19.12 05.12.19 30.01.20 30.01.20
19.10 05.11.19 30.01.20 30.01.20
19.7 22.07.19 05.11.19 05.11.19
19.3 08.04.19 22.07.19 22.07.19

Table with earlier software versions.