My PIN is blocked (locked)

If you have, or someone else has, entered the PIN code incorrectly three times in a row, it will be blocked for security reasons.

Don't worry:

  • If you still have a PUK code, you can quickly and conveniently unblock your PIN.
  • If you do not have your PUK code, you can apply for a new code envelope for your ID-card from the Police and Border Guard Board or at the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia.
  • The ID-card is valid as an identity document, for example as a travel document, even if its PIN codes are blocked. A locked PIN code only affects the electronic use of the card.
  • PIN and PUK codes: opening blocked or locked PIN codes with a PUK code

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    Step 1: insert the ID-card into the card reader and open the DigiDoc4 Client

    The DigiDoc4 icon should be visible in the computer programs list. For users of the following operating systems, the program "DigiDoc4 client" can be found as follows:

    • A Windows user can also find it by following the path "Start → All Programs → ID card → DigiDoc4 client".
    • A MacOS user can also find it by following the path "Finder → Go → Applications → DigiDoc4 Client".
    • An Ubuntu user can also find it by following the path "Applications menu (by clicking the nine dots at the bottom left of the screen) → DigiDoc4 Client".

    Step 2: open ‘My eID’ from the DigiDoc4 menu

    Check that DigiDoc4 shows your personal data and open the option ‘My eID’ from the left menu. Here you can see which certificate’s PIN code is blocked.

    Step 3: unblock

    In order to unblock PIN codes, press the button ‘UNBLOCK’. A window with a PIN code unblocking option will be displayed on your screen, where you must enter a valid PUK code and then the chosen PIN code twice.

    Unblocking PIN1 (person identification) and PIN2 (signing) works the same way, but you should remember that:

    • PIN1 code must contain 4-12 digits;
    • PIN2 code must contain 5-12 digits. 

    The new code must be different from the previous PIN code, include only numbers and not match (neither partially or fully) your personal identification code.

    Fill in the columns and press the button ‘UNBLOCK’. If they PUK code was entered correctly and the new PIN codes complied with the requirements and matched each other, you can see the notice on your screen that the PIN code is unblocked.

    What if the PUK code is locked?

    If you entered the PUK code incorrectly three times in a row, this will be locked too. In order to continue using your ID-card electronically, you must apply a code envelope with new PIN and PUK codes from the Police and Border Guard Board or at the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia.

  • PIN and PUK codes: why are PIN codes blocked?

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    If a PIN code is entered incorrectly three times in a row, it is blocked for your own protection: without your PIN codes it is not possible to access your personal data, bank accounts or e-services, nor sign contracts, confirm transactions, etc.

    It is true that PIN codes tend to be blocked at the most inconvenient times. This is usually because the card owner is in a hurry or distracted when entering a PIN code, e.g. you accidentally entered you bank account PIN code instead of your ID-card PIN code. It is totally understandable that due to the locked PIN codes you are unable to finish the activity you were doing before and this may cause you much inconvenience. You should, however, remember that locking PIN codes is necessary if your card is stolen or has fallen to the hands of a malicious person in another way. In order to avoid a situation where someone else poses a threat to your personal data by trying different PIN codes, after three wrong entries the PIN code is blocked and the perpetrator doesn’t have any other options for putting you at risk.

    The right card owner was issued the PUK code with PIN codes, which enable you to unlock the blocked PINs. The thief cannot do this.

    Therefore, it is very important that you keep your PUK code in a safe place and not in your wallet with your ID-card or on your desk, where it may fall into another person’s hands.

    It would be even better if you chose a new PUK code for yourself – something that is easy to recall or remember without you having to write it down. You can change the PUK code as easily as the PIN codes:

    • Connect your ID-card to the computer and open ID-software DigiDoc4 Client.
    • Wait until your personal data is loaded on screen.
    • Click on ‘My eID’ from the left menu.
    • Click on the button ‘Change PUK’.
    • Enter the valid PUK code.
    • Choose a new PUK code and enter it twice.
    • The new PUK code must contain only numbers, include 8-12 digits and not match (neither partially nor fully) your personal identification code.

    If changing the PUK code is successful, you will see a respective notice on screen. Now you are safe in case you should accidentally block your PIN codes.

  • RIA DigiDoc application: Changing and unblocking ID-card PINs

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    Step 1: open the RIA DigiDoc application on your phone

    Insert your ID-card in to the card reader and select ‘My eID’. Wait until your data has been retrieved by the RIA DigiDoc app and open ‘PIN/PUK CODES AND CERTIFICATES’.


    Step 2: select the PIN you are about to change

    Select the PIN you want to change. If PIN1 and PIN2 codes are locked or you have forgotten them, you must change both of them separately.

    Step 3: select the PIN code changing or unblocking option

    If you remember your current PIN, click on ‘Change PIN1’ or ‘Change PIN2’. If your PIN codes have been blocked and you wish to create new ones using your PUK code, click on the ‘Forgot PIN1?’ or ‘Forgot PIN2?’ link below the button.


    Step 4: create new PINs

    If you remember your current PINs, you can change them using the ‘Change PIN’ button’; you need to enter both the current PIN and the new PIN. Once you have entered the new PIN, click on the ‘Change’ button.

    If you do not remember your current PINs or if they are blocked, you need to enter your valid PUK code and then your new PIN. Once you have entered the new PIN, click on the ‘Unblock’ button.

    Follow the instructions on the phone screen and everything will go smoothly.

    NB! Upon selecting PIN codes, remember that:

    • They must not include your personal identification code or parts thereof, they must only consist of numbers and differ from previous PINs.
    • PIN1 must consist of 4-12 numbers.
    • PIN2 must consist of 5-12 numbers.
    • Choose PINs that are easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess.