Bitdefender antivirus software interferes with use of e-services

Is DigiDoc4 reading your ID-card data correctly but it isn’t possible to enter e-services via browser?

If you have Bitdefender antivirus software (e.g. Bitdefender Total Security or Bitdefender Antivirus Plus), the reason may be the antivirus settings. Follow the instructions and the security software settings can be changed to remove the problem.

Step 1: open Bitdefender software

You can find it in Programs or Applications - in general, the program has an icon that looks like a B (on a red background).

Step 2: open Protection

Click Protection in the left vertical menu.


Step 3: look for the option “Online threat prevention”

Open Online threat prevention from Protection Features and click on Settings (the gear icon).


Step 4: read the instructions!

Read these instructions carefully and then, before you enable/disable “encrypted webscan”, close all browser windows Bookmark this article in your browser so you can find it again quickly.

Read the instruction, leave Bitdefender open but close all browser windows. After closing browser windows, turn off Encrypted webscan in Bitdefender’s Online Threat Prevention settings window:


Step 5: restart your computer

Restart your computer and try to enter e-services with your ID-card. If it still doesn’t work, repeat the process: turn on “encrypt webscan“, close Bitdefender, open online threat prevention again and then turn off encrypt webscan once again.

Read the instructions carefully and check that all browser windows were indeed closed before enabling/disabling the “encrypt webscan“ option.

What if this didn’t solve the problem?

If the problem wasn’t solved, restart your computer and try again. Also, check whether the same problem occurs with other browsers. If necessary, update your ID-software and browser settings. Also don’t hesitate to contact ID customer support.