Operating systems supported by ID-software

The ID-card software works with the latest versions of the Windows, macOS and Ubuntu operating systems.

You can always download the latest software version through the id.ee webpage, though the ID-software has other official distribution channels.

  • ID-software for the Windows operating system

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    You need ID-software to use your ID-card in your computer. Here you will always find the latest software version download. Save the software file on your computer and launch installation by double clicking on the file name.

    ID-software for 64-bit operating systems
    ID-software version: 22.11, DigiDoc4 client version:, released 09.01.2023
    Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022

    It is good to know that you can also use DigiDoc4 for giving digital signatures with mobile-ID and Smart-ID.

  • ID-software for the MacOS operating system

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    Open App Store on your computer (you will find it via Launchpad; the necessary icon – a blue circular icon with a white A in the middle – is usually on the computer’s start bar) and enter ‘DigiDoc4’ in the search or use this direct link:

    Web authentication components for ID card &
    Web signing components for Chrome and Firefox

    Versioon: 22.11, published 14.12.2022
    macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Big Sur (11), macOS Monterey (12), macOS Ventura (13)

    Web signing components for Safari

    Versioon: 2.2.0, published 14.12.2022
    macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Big Sur (11), macOS Monterey (12), macOS Ventura (13)

    DigiDoc4 Client

    DigiDoc4 client version:, published 19.12.2022
    macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Big Sur (11), macOS Monterey (12), macOS Ventura (13)

    Download and install it on your computer following the instructions on the screen – this may take a few minutes.

  • Mobile application for Android and iOS operating system

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    You can install the RIA DigiDoc mobile application on your smart device free of charge. The download links will take you to software download websites.

    iOS devices
    Version 2.5.0 (published 08.02.2023)
    Supported Operating Systems: iOS 13 and newer
    Android devices
    Version 2.4.7 (published 22.11.2022)
    Supported Operating Systems: Android 9.0 and later

    Additional information:

    It is definitely worth keeping the mobile app up to date – enable automatic app updates on your smart device. If you are interested, you can also read the RIA DigiDoc release notes.

    NB! In order to use your ID-card in the RIA DigiDoc application, you need card reader that is compatible with your smart device. ID card does not work in the web browser on your mobile phone.

    Supported card readers in Android:

    ACR38U PocketMate Smart Card Reader
    ACR39U PocketMate II Smart Card Reader
    SCR3500 B Smart Card Reader
    SCR3500 C Smart Card Reader

    Supported card readers in iOS:

    FEITIAN iR301U

  • Software installation: official distribution channels of ID-software

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    ID-software installation page on the ID.ee website:

    The download links of our ID-software installation page are always updated and will automatically offer you the software package compatible with your computer’s operating system.

    Microsoft Store:

    Through the Microsoft Store you can download the following ID-software for Windows:

    • The DigiDoc4 Client for using your ID-card on the computer.

    Apple App Store:

    Through the Apple App Store you can download the following ID-software for macOS:

    • The DigiDoc4 Client for using your ID-card on the computer.
    • Web eID plugin for using your ID-card in the web browsers.
    • The RIA DigiDoc mobile application for iOS smart devices.

    Windows Update:

    Through Windows Update, an automatic component of ID-software, the minidriver component, is installed on the computer, which makes it possible to perform electronic activities with the ID-card.

    Application for mobile platforms (RIA DigiDoc):

    There is also software for Android and iOS devices for opening digitally signed files and giving digital signatures:


For additional information, read: