Known ID-software defects

No software is perfect: technical possibilities and necessities change over time. With every new DigiDoc4 software version, we attempt to resolve as many known defects as possible; however, the priority is always to ensure the safety of the user and their data as well as the stability of the software.

If you are interested, you can read more about changes in the earlier versions of DigiDoc4.

Below are some known shortcomings in the latest version of Open-EID software at 21.02 Windows, macOS and Linux:

DigiDoc4 Client

  • The Office 365 Online Protection malware filter blocks .bdoc files as malware. (IB-4534)
  • Due to a QT library error, the DigiDoc4 Client will stop working if the computer has a video card that is outlined in this article. As a workaround, remove the ID-software from your computer and then install the 32bit version here.
  • DigiDoc4 does not use system proxy settings under Ubuntu and macOS. (IB-5533)
  • If Ubuntu has three DigiDoc4 windows open, it will ask for the PIN and display an error message in the wrong window. (IB-5808)
  • In DigiDoc4 Client, signing with Finnish eID displays “Please check your computer time” even when the computer time/time zone is correct. (IB-6281)
  • The statuses “Connect chip ..” and “No card in reader …” displayed in the DigiDoc4 Client does not update automatically when a blank card reader is connected or removed from the computer. (IB-6630)
  • Signature and encryption envelopes are not associated with the ID-software icon in Ubuntu 20.10. (IB-6899)
  • The opening of a large DDOC file fails. (IB-6868)

RIA DigiDoc mobile application

  • When Bluetooth is enabled on the iOS operating system, the RIA digidoc app crashes on ID-card signing and my eID view. To prevent the app from crashing, search from Settings app RIA DigiDoc and remove Bluetooth access under Allow RIA DigiDoc to Access. (MOPPIOS-790)
  • RIA digidoc app won’t open on iOS smartphone if the display language is set to something else besides Estonian, English, or Russian. In order to open the application, delete the RIA DigiDoc, change the language of the smart device ( to Estonian, English or Russian, and reinstall the RIA DigiDoc application from the AppStore. Afterwards display language can be reset to prefered selection. (MOPPIOS-796)

Web browsers

  • For Firefox authentication, the browser must be restarted after the end or interruption of the session. Applies to Windows, macOS, and Linux. (IB-5879)
  • The data of the card isn’t displayed, when pressing “Cancel” button during Safari authentication.  Resolving the issue requires to remove the smart card reader. (IB-5726)
  • Ubuntu authentication fails if the smart card is removed from a reader in the middle of the process. Resolving issues requires to restart the web browser. (IB-6085)

Screen readers

  • When opening the signature details, the screen reader reads the text several times. (IB-5948)
  • JAWS screen reader reads the mouse and keyboard user behavior when attaching a file. (IB-6073)

Card readers

  • The Firefox web browser does not display an error message on the computer screen when entering the wrong code when using the PinPad card reader. The error message is displayed (briefly) on the pin pad reader screen. (Firefox bug report)
  • The PinPad Reader screen will say “Enter PIN” instead of “Enter PUK”. (IB-5815)