Why is it necessary to update the ID-software?

All software needs to be updated occasionally: it doesn’t matter whether it’s a smart phone or a computer, a programme for work or something that simply helps you spend your time. If your computer recommends that you update the ID-software or its components (for example, the DigiDoc4 Client), take it seriously and update the software the first chance you get!

You are notified through the media of the most important updates, for example, cases where critical security risks are of great concern.

Most software updates, though, have several important reasons behind them, even if all the reasons aren’t immediately obvious to you. For example, a security risk has been discovered or a solution to a previously known defect has been found, the software update helps some devices work quicker and more efficiently, an important function has been enhanced, the newer versions work seamlessly with other software/programs or the possibilities and needs have changed with advancing technology.

The version number identifies how recent your software is. The bigger (higher) the number, the more recent the specific software. Software updating, colloquially named after the English-language term ‘update’ as updeitimine and apteitimine, precisely means replacing the software in use on your computer with the same but newer version of the software.

Each version of the software has defects that new versions try to patch – for example, you can familiarise yourself with the latest ID-software version’s known defects or check the changes made by previous ID-software version updates.

Remember that:

  • Trusted Services Lists (or TSLs) change.
  • You may not be able to digitally sign or check the validity of previously given signatures with ID-software that is dated or not supported.
  • The more recent your ID-software, the safer it is.
  • With the newest software version, all newer functions and possibilities are available to you.
  • Software installation: Updating ID-software on computers using Windows

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    Computers that run on Windows may display ‘ID-updater’ on the screen every now and then.

    It looks something like this:

    NB! This image is illustrative – version numbers and specific links may differ from those shown here.

    If there is a ‘Start downloading’ button below this screen message, it means that your ID-software needs updating.

    Click on the ‘Start downloading’ button. The whole process is automatic and takes only a few minutes. All of the necessary instructions are displayed on screen.

    If your computer does not offer you the opportunity to update ID-software automatically, you can always do it manually. The latest version of ID-software is always available on the install ID-software page of our website.

  • Software installation: Updating ID-software on macOS computers

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    If you use a macOS computer, the Apple App Store ensures that your DigiDoc4 is up to date. The computer will notify you if there are any necessary updates and DigiDoc4 is updated just like other software on your computer.

    If you have disabled automated software updates on your computer, encounter technical problems or wish to speed up the software updating process, you can update software manually:

    • you can find the newest version of DigiDoc4 via App Store
    • the necessary web components are always available on the install ID-software page.

    Remember that in order to use your ID-card in macOS browsers, you need separate web components in addition to DigiDoc4. If you have installed the latest version, your computer should automatically offer you the possibility to update web components. If it does not, if you have updated your browsers manually or if you simply wish to ensure that you are using the latest web components, you can do the following:

    1. Open Spotlight search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the upper right corner of the screen (this will open a new search window).
    2. Type in ‘id-updater’ as the search term and press ENTER.
    3. On the right side of the search results window, you should be able to see information on your ID-software versions.
      • If the button ‘Download Update’ is active, then software has been updated in the meantime and you can start updating software from there.
      • If there is no active ‘Download Update’ button, the web components in your computer are up to date and do not need to be updated.
  • Software installation: Updating ID-software on Ubuntu/Linux computers

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    If you are new to using a computer that runs on Ubuntu operating system, software updating may seem complicated at first. Do not worry: this is actually very easy if you follow the instructions below.

    1. Open Terminal.
    2. Type in sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
    3. Press Enter.
    4. You are asked to enter the computer’s password: enter it and press Enter again. Do not be bothered by the cursor not moving when you enter the password.
    5. If the ID-software has been updated, the software updating process will begin automatically: follow the instructions on the screen and it will take only a few minutes.