Windows: ID software installation failed

If Open-EID.exe installation ended prematurely with Fatal error (0x80070643) or Unspecified error (0x80072f19).

  • Fatal error (koodiga 0x80070643)
  • Unspecified error (koodiga 0x80072f19)

Then possible reason for this is op. system inability to overwrite registry entries of previous versions Open-EID software components.

To resolve this situation:

ID software removal through the “remove_openeid.bat” script

We recommend that you run the “remove_openeid.bat” script twice, as some ID software components may be in use. Run remove_openeid.bat and if the window closes on a dark background (cmd.exe), restart your computer and run the remove_openeid.bat script again.

  1. Download ZIP file extract its contents somewhere, for example Desktop (updated on 14 December 2022).
  2. Right-click on remove_openeid.bat and choose Run as administrator (Registry entries will be removed only for those accounts, who have administrator rights)
  1. Command Prompt Window will be opened. Wait till it closes itself.
  • NB! If Windows 10/11 displays the message, “Windows protected your PC” click the “More info” button and then click the “Run anyway” button to continue.
  • NB! If Windows 10/11 displays the message, “Do you want to allow this application to make changes to your device?”, Click “Yes.”
  1. Try to install Open-EID software again, should work.

This usually eliminates the problem. If not, contact our ID help.

If the error persists, please send us the log files

  1. Open the Start menu, type in Run and press Enter or press the Windows key (WinKey) + R on the keyboard.
  2. A search field will be displayed on the screen – type in %temp% and press Enter.
  1. Type eID in the search box of the window and find all log files called “eID_software” from the day the software installation failed and save them, for example to the desktop.
  1. Send log files to ID helpline at (the Contact ID-helpline section in the lower right corner).