Issues with the ID-card reader

If issues arise with the ID-card reader or the DigiDoc4 Client gives you a card reader-related error message, you should be able to find help on the following topics:

  • Error message: DigiDoc4 says that “No card in card reader”

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    The error message “No card in card reader” is displayed if your card reader cannot create a connection with your card and read its data.

    Usually, this happens because the card has not been inserted properly or correctly: remove the ID-card from the reader and reinsert it. If necessary, read about how to insert the ID-card into the card reader.

    Sometimes, the reason may be a broken card reader or a damaged ID-card (or card chip). If the card has been correctly inserted into the reader, but the “No card in card reader” message is still displayed, you should use another card reader or even a different computer with a card reader that you know is working to check that the card is in order.

    If the ID-card works with other card readers, the problem lies with your card reader; you need to replace it!

    If you see the “No card in card reader” error message irrespective of which computer or card reader you use with your ID-card, go to the nearest service point of the Police and Border Guard Board: your ID-card has probably become damaged and should be replaced as soon as possible!

    You should also apply for a digital ID for yourself in order to make your ID-card last longer and avoid it getting damaged. Digital ID offers the same options for electronic use as the ID-card but cannot be used as a physical identity document (you cannot travel with it, identify yourself at a bank, etc.). However, you can use digital ID for electronic transactions, such as digital signature, use of e-services, confirmation of bank transfers, etc.

    It’s also a good idea to use a mobile tool in addition to the physical card, e.g. the SIM-based mobile-ID or the free Smart-ID mobile app. This way, you can be certain that you will not lose access to e-services when faults appear, you lose your card, etc.

  • Error message: DigiDoc4 says “No card readers found”

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    The error message “No card readers found” is displayed in DigiDoc4 if the computer has lost the connection with your ID-card reader or the card reader has been disconnected when DigiDoc4 is operating.

    Don’t worry: reconnect the card reader to your computer and the error message should disappear. If a card reader has been properly connected to the computer but the error message is still displayed, you’re probably facing one of the following problems.

    The installation of the card reader and its drivers failed.

    If you have just updated your computer software, started using a new card reader or are using your ID-card for the first time with this computer, the reason is mostly likely one of the following:

    • The installation of the card reader and its drivers failed.
      Find the make and model of the card reader from its box and enter them in to Google to find the necessary drivers.  
    • The ID-card driver has not been installed.
      If you are using your ID-card for the first time with this computer, check that you have installed all of the necessary software packages on the ID-card software installation site.

    The card reader is faulty

    Sometimes, the problem lies with your card reader – it has become worn out or it’s cable or USB end have become damaged. Inserting the card reader into another USB-port may help. If necessary, read about how to use an ID-card reader.

  • Smart card readers: which smart card readers can be used with ID-cards?

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    Most smart card readers by recognised brands can be used with ID-cards and are readily available in Estonian computer stores, electronics departments of major shopping centres and even petrol stations.

    However, you should be more careful when ordering a card reader online: always prefer manufacturers’ websites and trustworthy e-shops over bargain stores.

    The name and model of the card reader can be found on the information label on the reader (generally on the reverse side). The product ID can be found in DigiDoc4 Client diagnostics.

    • In the case of Windows, the reader generally works with all drivers (manufacturer, Microsoft universal drivers).
    • In the case of Linux and m ac OS, the default driver (USB CCID) has been proved to work.
    • You may experience problems with reading card data if you have used the standby and hibernate functions while the ID-card is in the reader and some ID-software component is opened.  Removing the card from the reader and re-inserting it usually fixes the problem. In some cases you may need to restart an ID-software component or your computer.
    • In the case of readers with PinPads you may experience problems with Windows terminal solutions. Terminal systems are not officially supported by ID-software.
    • Additionally, you may need to disable the PinPad mode (HP and Dell keyboard/card readers). To this end, you need to add a key to the Windows register, the values of which can be found here.

    The following card readers have been tested with the ID-software:

    • Omnikey Cardman 1021 (USB)
    • Omnikey CardMan 3021 (USB)
    • Pluss ID v3 (USB)
    • SCM SCR 3310 (USB)
    • Gemalto CT30 (USB)
    • ACS ACR 38 (USB)
    • Dell Broadcom integrated card reader (with a WUDF driver)
    • Lenovo Alcor Micro integrated card reader (with the manufacturer’s driver)
    • Gemalto Ezio CT710 (with PinPad, USB)
    • Omnikey Cardman 3821 (with PinPad, USB)
    • Akasa (SUB) (with the manufacturer’s driver)
    • HP KUS0133 keyboard with built-in smart card reader

    Check the operating systems supported by the ID-software and their versions where necessary.

    NB! If you have different knowledge of the smart card readers addressed in the article, feel free to share it with us.