Adware interfering with entering into e-services in browser

If the DigiDoc4 Client successfully reads the data of the document in the card reader but it is not possible to enter e-services, the reason for the malfunctions may lie in adware or malware. Both adblockers and adware and malware installed unbeknownst to the user can interfere with the use of the ID-card.

The following programs are known to potentially interfere with use of the ID-card:

  • Superfish Inc. VisualDiscovery (Lenovo computers)
  • WebCompanion
  • AdFender
  • BitDefenderFree(read about how to correctly configure BitDefender)

Step 1: open Control Panel and list of programs

If the ID-card doesn’t work in the browser but DigiDoc4 reads the data correctly, check whether you have any adware on your computer.

Open Control Panel and click on the Add/Remove Programs option. Depending on the computer, the exact name might be Programmide lisamine või eemaldamine/Add or remove programsProgrammide desinstallimine/Uninstall a program; Programmid/Applications or something similar.

Step 2: check whether you have any software on your computer that interferes with the ID-card

A list of programs on your computer will be displayed: examine it carefully. If you find a program such as Superfish Inc. VisualDiscovery, WebCompanion, AdFender or Bitdefender Free, right-click it and select Uninstall.

Step 3: close and re-open browsers

After uninstalling, close all browser(s’) windows and then open the browser again and try to enter e-services. Then open them again and you should be set!

This didn’t resolve my problem

The reasons that it wasn’t possible to enter e-services can be varied:

First, be sure to read our guide “What to do if it isn’t possible to enter e-services?“. It provides instructions for checking browser settings and configuring it properly. If you are sure that everything should be working but you still can’t access e-services, perform one additional check for adware.

To do so, go to you will be shown an auto-generated report about your browser. If you see rows marked in red, save the information on the page (“File > Export as PDF" or "File > Print > Print to pdf" or similar). Then let ID-helpline know of your problem and don’t forget to include the page you saved from